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Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Ice-Age-4-Continental-Drift-Movie-Poster There are many variations on a theme, but this is the first time I’ve seen a version of Homer’s Odyssey done is such a manner that is both fun and entertaining for everyone. Now we know that the continents drfited for millions of years to get us to where we are now, as show at In this movie, we start where we ended with the last movie with Scrat (Chris Wedge) chasing yet another acorn. He catches the nut, and is determined to make sure it doesn’t move. He slams the acorn into the ground, and suddenly falls into the core of the Earth, and spins about inside the Earth, and the the landmasses break and form the continents we are seeing now.

A Bug’s Life – An epic of miniature proportions

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It’s hard to believe that Pixar has been part of our lives for nearly twenty years, and this movie is just another in their amazing line-up of great family hits. This is a tale told from a miniscule POV, and it features the ants in a colony and a gang of grasshoppers that exploit these ants and their hard-working ways. In every community, there is an oddball, and in this colony, this Flik (Dave Foley), an enterprising ant with big ideas and inventions made of simple things like dew, grass, and burrs. Right about now, the ants of Ant Island are making an annual offering of grain, fruits, and berries for the grasshoppers. The old queen (Phyllis Diller) is training her daughter, Princess Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to take over for her office, and Atta is stressing over little things. Her little sister, Dot (Hayden Panettiere) wants to help, but all the grown-ups keep syaing she is too little. She goes off to find Flik, since she is about the only one whom gets what he’s about. This is right after he as shown Atta, whom is his crush, by the way, all his time-saving tools. As he and Dot are talking, the warning horns go off, and the ants scurry into the hill, and Flik is the last one to go. He drops his grain harvester on the offering stone, and the thing breaks, and knocks over the supporting rocks, and the food all goes into the drink.

Brave : Change your fate.

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No matter what the haters at IMDB might be saying about how un-Pixar Brave is, don’t go by what they say. I guess the Pixar diehards are expecting to see Up every time this label is put on something, but considering how many variations they go though, including all those wonderful Studio Ghibli movies, you really need to see each movie for itself, because Pixar movies are rarely cookie cutter. Brave is its own story, and considering all the on-site research the writers and artists went through to get this movie to us, a little appreciation is in order.

My Neighbor Totoro

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In 1988, we were treated to a great tale by Studio Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki. This man’s work is always brilliant, and never ceases to amaze us, and this movie is no different. As usual, the story tends to revolve around a girl of age ten to thirteen, and this time it is Satsuki Kusakabe’s (Dakota Fanning, 2005 Disney version) turn along with her little sister, Mei (Elle Fanning). The Kusakabe family has moved out to the country to be closer to the hospital where Mrs. Kusakabe (Lea Solonga) is recuperating from her illness. Professor Kusakabe (Tim Daly) has his hands full taking care of two little balls of energy like Mei and Satsuki on his own, but in this rice-farming community has move to, he has plenty of friendly neighbors to help out, including some that only the children can see. Their first friend is an old woman that is loved by everyone, and simply is known as Nanny (Pat Carroll), but she is also the grandmother of the boy next door, Kanta (Paul Butcher), that becomes a thorn in Satsuki’s side, or so she thinks, because at that age, to girls, boys are just a nuisance they have to tolerate.

Over The Hedge : Get Over It.

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It is really cute to see suburbia from a new POV, and when scheming rascal, R.J. (Bruce Willis) the raccoon finds himself in the midst of a small green oasis of nature nestled in the developed community of El Rancho Camelot in debt to a homicidal bear, the fur is going to fly, but we really don’t know whose fur it is. Let’s find out how R.J. got into this pickle of a predicament in the first place.