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Vikingdom – Live By The Sword, Die Like A Viking

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Vikingdom 2013 Movie PosterWhile I really enjoyed seeing Dominic Purcell as the evil vampire Drake in Blade: Trinity, his performance could have been much better in this Dark Ages tale of a god whom has had it with that new religion of supposed peace coming in from the Roman Empire. Now Mr. Purcell is Eirick, Thane of Jomsberg, a king and also the mortal lover of the Goddess of Love, Freya (Tegan Moss). His life ended on a battlefield as he fought for his kingdom, but his godly girlfriend felt he was not ready to head to Valhalla, and has to continue with a new quest in Midgard (Earth). This is where his tale begins.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (2013)

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Percy-Jackson-Sea-of-Monsters-2013-DVD-CoverWhen Rick Riordan says everything old is new again, he really means it. He has taken ancient myth and legend and combined it with post-modern society and brought us the Percy Jackson series of books. This second film from the series is a wonderful take on the second book of the series. I do hope this film franchise keeps running! We are once again brought into the story by the dream team of Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman), a son of Posiden, Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), and their satyr guide, Grover (Brandon T. Jackson). Annabeth relives her past in a short tale of woe for another child of the most powerful of the Greek Gods, Zeus. As children trying to reach the protective camp, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, and another girl, Talia, were being chased by two cyclops. In the pursuit, Talia tried to stop the cyclops to let the other kids get away, but was defeated. Talia was a child of Zeus, and everyone thought she was killed, but there was a very faint life force left in her, and Zeus used this to create a new life for Talia, as a tree protecting the camp, just as Talia did for her young friends. Also, because of this incident, Annabeth developed a hatred for cyclops.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

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gundam seedMobile Suit Gundam Seed is one if the best animes I like to watch. I used to watch this anime on Cartoon Network, but they don’t run this anime any more. Now I watch it on DVD. I wish it was in HD. That would look better. This anime looks way better than the original Mobile Suit Gundam. This anime is similar to the original, but there more Gundams in this anime instead one Gundam. This is not Earth Federation vs. Zeon any more. It’s Earth Force vs. ZAFT.

This anime is about two humans and two different races. They are the Naturals and Coordinators. Naturals are live on Earth and the Coordinators are live in the space colonies. They do act like politicians over there in Washington D.C., but they are way worse (as if!). This anime set in the Bloody Valentine War. The Naturals develop a new type of mobile suit, but the Coordinators went steal those new types from the Naturals. They steal all the new types, except for one. A boy, Kira Yamato, went inside that mobile suit and fight to protect his friends. He is a Coordinator, but he betrayed his own race. He has a sister, Cagalli Yula Athha. Cagalli never thought Kira was her brother until later on. Kira has his best friend, Athrun Zala. Athrun gave a robot bird to Kira. You will see that bird alot in this anime.

World War Z – Mother Nature is a serial killer

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World-War-Z-Movie-2013-PosterWe have seen many zombie apocalypse movies over the last ten years, from the silly Shaun of the Dead to the very serious and graphic Resident Evil series, both live action and animated, but World War Z just blows all of them away. The plots is very different from other zombie movies, and this rollercoaster of a ride will keep you hanging on for dear life until the very end. You will go on a trip around the world that starts in Philadelphia and ends in roundabout in Nova Scotia.

Pacific Rim – To fight monsters we created monsters

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Pacific-Rim-2013-Movie-Poster-ArtI just finished watching Pacific Rim and this movie is great! This movie is like Gundam meets Independence Day. This about these aliens called Kaijus are destroying the human race. They came out of the Pacific Ocean. They went and destroy few cities by these aliens. Now human is building some big and more powerful to destroy these aliens. And they got themselves a monster to destroy them. Could they defeat the Kaijus? Find out when you are watching this movie!

This movie is better than Gundam. I know I’m Gundam fan, but this movie blow Gundam away, and almost blows Godzilla away. This movie is the best action sci-fi movie I have ever seen of 2013. I like the CGI effects of this movie. I like the Big Robots, what they did and I like what they did with the giant aliens. This movie does remind of the anime, Godanner, because two people are piloting in one big robot. Sometimes this movie will remind of that PS2 game, RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive, with its similar plot.