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Treading Ground – Occationally NSFW!!

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This is one whacky webcomic by Nick Wright that everyone is sure to enjoy, just make sure that your old enough to actually read it. There are 2 main Main characters, Rose Crowley and Nate Ashborne. Nate is just back from an extended stay in another state and trying to get his life back together. With all the ups and downs that he has had he finds himself right back where he started, living off his friends and working at the local Food Baron. It is the one store that he hope not to even see again but has no choice but to get a job there and start cleaning up and working on all the baggage that he thought he left way behind him. Little does he know that there is no way in Food Baron hell that it is ever going to stay that way. The women and his roommates are never going to let him get off that easy, they are going to make sure to enjoy the comedy of his life.

Raptor Red

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I read this book a few years ago, and it features a most unusual lead character in a time period one would never consider for a piece of historical, make that, pre-historical fiction. The lead character is a Utahraptor, which we know only as “Red”, and the time setting is the lower Cretaceous period. Red has just lost her pack and mate due to an volcanic eruption in what could possibly be the western subcontinent that will become part of North America . There is much upheaval not only in the geological makeup of the land itself, but in the social structure of the creatures in Red’s lifetime. Utahraptors are very intelligent and social animals. They hunt in packs and mate for life, and this is Red’s tale to find a new place in her topsy-turvy world where just about anything can happen. In her search for a new clan and mate, she finds allies in her natural enemies when floods threaten to destroy them all. She encounters others of her kind, and fights for what she claims to be hers, as in a new, young mate. The dominance of the female Utahraptor is nothing to mess with, and when two female are fighting over one male, it goes beyond cat-fight. She evades larger predators, and finds her own happy ending, that is, about as happy as it can get for a carnivorous dinosaur. We could all learn some great survival skills from this tough lady.

The Jungle (The Oregon Files)

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The Jungle written by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul is an exciting adventure tale that is full of intrigue and suspense as we are taken from the deserts of an Afghan village to the jungles of Myanmar to the Alps of France. And that is just the land trips that the crew of the Oregon make in this delightfully thrilling tale. It is truly amazing how realistic Cussler is able to make the characters that are in his books and the missions that he writes about. You almost feel like it is something that is happening right now the way that he weaves current events into the story line as well so that the material stays current. He is definitely a master bard deserving of a laureate with the works that he has produced.

The Loveable Spinnerette from KraKow Studios

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Spinnerette is a a webcomic by KrazyKrow and drawn by Walter Gomez. In a world that is full of super heroes and super villains, much like in Sky High, life goes on as usual. In this wondrous world there is a college grad student Heather Brown, a genetics major that is about to have her life changed forever. She is a bit of a klutz but a hard worker as well that is willing to work cheap in Dr. Lambha lab for both credit and to pay for tuition. He has her working night and day on his crazy experiments until her own clumsiness makes life even more interesting. She falls into the very machine that she is trying to do repairs and maintenance on as her wrench falls on the activation switch. So focused on what she is supposed to be doing her first though is that the good Dr. Lambha is going to kill her, figuratively of course. It’s not until she crawls out of the machines pool that she realizes that she has been infused with the DNA of a spider and has grown two more sets of arms.

Eerie Cuties

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Eerie CutiesDiscovered this webcomic a couple of years ago, when it first started as a link off of Multiplex. It’s a very fun story about a private high school filled with magical beings and monsters. The two main characters are two teen vampires, Nina and Layla Delacroix. Layla is the typical vamp teen, 16, not afraid of anything, except losing her popularity. She’s pretty and dark, and has hooked the hottest cat-boy in school, Kade. Nina is a vast contrast to her older sister. She’s 14, very, very innocent, overly cute. She won’t even drink blood, but may the gods help any chocolate that crosses her path. She was born on a Easter Sunday, and draws her nourishment from the decadent candy. With them is a naughty, perverted companion, Blair. Blair is a demon that is trapped in the body of a doll. The doll looks pretty tame, with its long golden hair and frilly blue dress, but the voice and the ideas that come from the doll are that of a lecherous male, like Happosai of Ranma 1/2. Blair is the instigator of much trouble for the Delacroix girls, but he’s not the only one who keeps them on their toes.