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Catching Fire

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Catching Fire is the second book of The Hunger Games series and picks up a few months after the first one ends. The story that Suzanne Collins weaves for us is full of twists and turns that you would not expect to see in a novel written for youths to read. The plots and situations in the book are vary mature in theme and might have kids asking a lot of questions of their parents after they read it. This is not a bad thing as it just might open lines of communication that seem to be lost as children and teens grow up. Any parent seeing their children reading these books should snag a copy themselves so that they can better understand and be prepared for their kids.

Roger Zelazny’s Visual Guide To Castle Amber

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For all those that have ever read the 2 series of Amber Books, one that follows Cowin’s life and the other that follows Merlin’s life, this is the book for you. It Gives you a visual representation of what you read about. You get to see the castle where Corwin was held captive and the forests that Merlin visited and the sights that he saw. For any one that has read the book you are going to want to read and see what the author himself envisioned while he was writing the books. It is a shame that he was taken from us so soon as we might have been able to see more Amber books if he had not died of cancer.

The Hunger Games

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At first I was apprehensive in reading this book considering all the hype that went along with it and the hype that went along with the Twilight series. I expected it to be another sappy stupid romance about a girl who hates herself and the world. You know how the teens are right now these days, no disrespect to those teens that do have a sense of self and self respect. Suzanne Collins is a genius in the way that she weave the take that she has to tell and does it in such a way that you can not help but be drawn into it and can not get out of the raging torrent until you have finished the book entirely. It is one of those books that will stick with you and have you looking forward to actually reading the next one. Many series writers are more dry in their approach, seem more cautious in their writing but not Collins. She pours herself into the story and you know that she feels each and every one of her characters.

Of Truth And Beasts : A Novel Of The Noble Dead

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This is the third book in the second series of The Noble Dead Saga by Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee. This book continues the adventures of Chane and Wynn Hygeorth, a journeyor of the Guild of Sagecraft and he protector Mahayji named Shade. They have returned from the Dwarven city of Dhredze Seatt with some of what they sought. Wynn now has her journals but they paid a very high price to get them. They have also picked up another traveler as well, Ore-Locks, a Stonewalker and keeper of the dead who is also a descendant of one of the worst dwarves in their oral history. He wants to clear his ancestors name and knows that little Wynn and her peculiar friend will be able to help him.

Descendants of Darkness : Yami no Matsuei

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Yami no Matseui was started back in the mid-90s by manga-ka Yoko Matsushita, and is still as wonderful with the many times reading over again as it is with the first. A limited anime was made from the series, but it focused mainly on the dark stories in this shojo series, but there are many lighter stories as well. Volume 5 is one of those stories, and the one I choose to start with.