Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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This game is one of the greatest games of all time on the PSone and one of the best Castlevania games they ever did. The name of this is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The gameplay in this reminds me of one the games I played on Game Boy. The graphics in this game are not 3D. There pretty much 2D graphics. There a little bit of 3D in the game, but it mostly 2D.

When you are playing the game you will find a shop in this game and you will get lots of good weapon, armour, and other good magical artifacts you can buy in this game. In this game, your are playing as Dracula’s son, Alucard. Alucard went to destory Dracula’s castle, Castlevania. Castlevania is Dracula’s home. Back in the day, everyone loved this game back in 1997. My dad used to play this game alot and I played this when I was a kid. Now, I play it on PlayStation Net and XBOX live. This game will take a long time to finish.

I’m still playing this game and I have not beat the game yet. Man, back then, video games used to be long, but now today, video games are short. People want to rush to the end of game. This game is not really easy. This game is much harder than today games. When you are playing this, you will run into Death. Death is there to help Dracula to rule to over the humans. You run into a teenage girl in this game. Her name is Meria. Meria want to destroy the castle as well. This game takes place after Castlevania: Dracula X. This game does not have guns at all. The year in this game is 1797. Dracula X take place in the year 1792. So, If you want a hard game that is far more difficult than today’s games, Play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.