Captain America: The First Avenger

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This was the last movie in a chain of prequels leading up to this summer season’s first blockbuster, The Avengers. It seems appropriate that The First Avenger would be the last to be brought into play. What is really amazing about this particular Marvel film is that critics just never seemed to get enough of it, and after watching it a few times now, I can completely agree with them.

It seems we can’t go a few months these days without seeing a trailer for some comic book-based movie. From the standards of Marvel or DC, to lesser known houses, like Dark Horse, or various manga outlets, like Shojo or Tokyopop, we are constantly seeing our heroes come to life in live or computer-animated action. Some people might even be lucky enough to see these 2D stories in vivid real 3D, not only in movies, but in video games as well. So, we go from there, 2012 back to there, where it all started, in New York, 1942, and learn about the story of a small man with big dreams that made them come true with some good faith, brave deeds, and lots of secret government funding.

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is about as 4F as it gets. He’s a tiny guy, has all kinds of illnesses, and none of the armed services will have him, even when they need as many men as they can get. Steve is determined to serve his country in any kind of capacity, because it is in his blood. There has never been a member of his family that has not served in some manner, and he wants to keep the tradition going. Bad genetics through him for a loop, and one night, while at the Stark Expo, while on a double date with his best friend, James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, (Sebastian Stan), he decides to try again, since the girl Bucky has set him up with is not interested anyway. This time, things are a bit different for Steve, as he might just be the kind of man Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) is looking for for a project. In collaboration with the British, the Americans are going to try to build the perfect soldier to take down the 3rd Reich, and Dr. Erskine and Special agent, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) want more than some brutish grunt. He wants a man whom knows when to go into the face of danger and show compassion, but also wise and quick thinking. He’s tired of the bullies, and after some interesting turn of events at Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) training camp. they decide that he is the one.

While the Allies are in the process of building their secret weapon, the Axis have a rogue agent that is attempting to do the same. Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) is the leader of Hydra, a division of the Nazi war machine that is merely operating under Hitler’s name. Schmidt’s goal is to go beyond anything the Fuehrer envisioned, and hold onto the power of the gods, the Norse gods, in fact. He finds such and artifact in a library in a Norwegian town, behind the wall carving of Yggdrasil. What looks to be merely a blue crystal cube turns out to be something that will connect the Avengers together indirectly in the coming decades.

From spies on the home front, to condo-sized laboratories that fly over oceans, the action never stops as Red Skull and Captain America continue their cat and mouse game. Hydra attempting to grow beyond its confines in Germany, and only the Captain and his own Allied forces can stop them. This movie has rollercoaster ride, non-stop action, and does not give up for a moment. Marvel Entertainment’s multi-titled franchise just keeps giving us more and more great films, and this is no exception. Now, get out there as soon as you can and see the new one!

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆