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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

While this cute building game might not bedazzling in graphics or blow you away with its sound, it is fun and addictive, and you want to keep playing as you help Addie take on The Man in building eco-friendly camping areas for tourists. We start with tent towns, then work our way up to pop-up campers and RVS and cabins. We keep our campsites green by letting the local wildlife keep their homes while making our own plots more green by adding gardens and safe fire-pits.

Addie knows that campers come to such places to be one with nature, and if they want something more upscale, then they should have booked a resort on a beach somewhere. Not that we won’t have our own little lake beaches to camp on. We build plots, upgrade them, and keep guests happy by giving them a clean place to stay that is nice to see, and we keep all our big old oak trees, along with any other green boosters that should be kept, since most trees are older than any of us. So be wise, like the owls that live in those big trees, and go green by never leaving your desk in Campgrounds.