Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is what you see in action movies today. In this game, the Russians attack the United States of America and Makarov wants revenge for Zakhaev’s death. When I’m playing this game, this reminds me of Red Dawn. The 1984 film, not the one with Chris Hemsworth. It also reminds me of White House Down, because the battlefield is set in Washington D.C.

The gameplay runs like the same as Modern Warfare 3 instead of the first game. I like this gameplay better than the first game. The gameplay in the first game is pretty good, but this one is even better. The graphics look better than the first game. The graphics look the same as the third game, but the third game looks clearer than this game. This game is more red, and white. The mission in the U.S. is mostly red and missions are in snow are white. This game is short, but it is fun to play on XBox 360. I wish they would make this into a movie instead of a game because it will make great action movie. The gameplay runs the same as other Call of Duty games. The multi-player online was really a problem in the past. I hadn’t play online since that time, but I’m thinking they fixed the problem in the past. The single player is better than online. If you played the Modern Warfare in the past, you will like this one much better than the first and third game, but for gamers that like to play online, you will not like this one. For me, I like the storyline in this game.