Call of Duty 3

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Call of Duty 3 is an okay game, but this is not all that good at all. I played the PS3 version and there some bug problems in this game. I get stuck in the walls, the soldiers died upside down a few times, and this game turned off my PS3 automatically.

This game is set in World War II. You are helping the French win the war. When I’m playing this game, it doesn’t feel like a World War II. It feels like shooting up some bunch of crazy aliens from Power Rangers, because the Nazis act like those aliens from Power Rangers. What is this? I’m playing Power Rangers in World War II? Did the Rangers go back in time? Why the Nazi look like Power Rangers alien enemies? I watched Power Rangers a long time ago when I was 6.

You get to play the American, British, and the French. The Americans look like the people form Doom 3. In Doom 3 people were mean, but in this game American are mean, too. The British look like Super Mario Bros. Yes, you are going to see a butch of Marios and Luigis going to war on this. Mario and Luigi is support the kids, not go to war. Finally, not least, the French. The French have a woman in the group and she looks like Sailor Moon with out the odangos. The men look like Tuxedo Mask.

This game have 14 missions and the 14 missions are too easy. This game is short. The good thing about is the graphics. The graphics are way better than everything else. I don’t even care about the gameplay. The gameplay is bad as well. The aiming was a little bit off. The Nazi solders died upside down or died in the walls. I like the driving part in this game. When I driving this game, I’m running over the Nazis. It is funny when the Nazis get run over. This is by the same people who made Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War. The sound is good to because it sounds like World War II music. I don’t think the sound needed to be World War II music. I think it needs to sound like go go Power Rangers music, because of the Nazis look like Power Rangers alien enemies. This is one of the worst Call of Duty game I have ever. I’m back to Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops, and World at War. If I were you, I would not play this game. You will want to play something else.