Cake Shop

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

Well, here’s another mediocre time management game where we have to feed sweets to customers and keep them happy with little extras. A common theme in time management games when dealing with running a restaurant or, in this case, a Cake Shop. Not only does Emily have to deal with this, but the woman who owns the store has a brother whom is a contractor that is building Emily’s house. Emily seems to have been blessed with an amazingly high metabolism, because if she were a real person running this kind of business, she would be not the rail thin little twig of a thing she is. This is a computer game, so I guess the devs can make their main characters look like they want to, but it’s pretty average as these kinds of games go. Let’s see, we need to keep the customers happy to gain extra tips. Not a problem, part of the territory. We have to keep building on to Emily’s house to keep her from getting into a bad mood. What? Seriously, how does that work? Emily is less realistic the more you get to know her. There are two sequels to this game, and hopefully they are better than this one. Cake Shop is about as bland as it gets.