Burger Rush

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Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

This silly little match three game is a real charmer as you try and make sure that all of your customers are happy as you fill their orders. Seems simple enough at first and it is till you start getting into the higher levels of the game. You have to match up the items in the grid so that they can be used to fill the orders of the various customers that are coming into your shop. It is fast moving and as you progress you are able to get upgrades for you shop as well. There are several types of upgrades that you can get, each to be able to keep your customers happy and to make you extra funds along the way. You can even upgrade or purchase new recipes from the tokens that you find as your playing the game. Each level adds more customer types for you to placate as you attempt to fill their orders before they just walk out the door mad at you. It is a race against time and a race to find all the ingredients to put the orders together. Remember though that you can always pause the game and come back to it later if you find your eyes and heart racing and you are wanting to pull your hair out. In the end though, you will have fun with this fun little match three and time management game.

Some of the upgrades that you are able to get are a soda machine, which can further be upgraded for both efficiency and the number of drinks made. You can get a frier so that you can give orders of fries with each meal. Like the soda machine it is also further upgradable for the amount of drinks you can make as well as how fast they can be made. There are recipes that can be bought and upgraded, with each one you are able to offer more expensive food with all the trimmings but keep in mind that with each new recipe you also have more ingredients that need to be matched up. It is a challenge no mater what way you look at it, do you fill the board with more types of ingredients or do you keep serving the same stuff and hope they make enough to meet your ever increasing goal. As you can see Burger Rush is going to keep you on your toes and your mouse clicking. Have fun with the game and let us all know how well that you did.