Building the Great Wall of China

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

When I decided to take on this casual building game based on a very important time in China’s history, I expected something pretty amazing, but what I got was a frustrating recycle of the Roads Of Rome with an Asian paint job. We have a desperate emperor looking to defend his country from northern invaders, Mongols, instead of Germanics, a young man trying to prove his worth, this time an architect, instead of a general, and a princess caught up in the middle between her family and the man whom loves her.

This strategy building game runs pretty much off the standard formulae for these kinds of games. Build your work camp, send working out for supplies and build places to get or make supplies, farms, sawmills, quarries, hunt for treasures, and deal with bad guys or exotic creatures. This time, the creatures that have the little workers running in fear are dragons. While this is a nice change from the regular Western-style building game, there are many other kinds of games out there like it, and they all have one main thing in common. That timer! It seems that they give you more tasks to do with each new level, yet the same amount of time to do them in. If some of these gaming companies could tweak that, maybe they might sell more of these types of games, and then those whom test the games might buy them. As for me, I’ll be leaving Building the Great Wall of China aside for now. That timer was the joykiller for me.