Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This quaint and interesting builder simulation takes place in the Elizabethan Era of England where you are tasked to build and repair towns all across England. This is not your usual simulation of building as it also involves dealing with rent, the purchase of materials as well as the selling and buying of properties. It is also a race against the allotted time that the game gives you for each level. It can be a real challenge especially when the game tries to buy your properties at way less then what they are worth. They must have gotten that idea from the current housing market trends. In all this is a really challenging game that will keep you working against time as well as trying to develop a strategy to make the most money possible to win each level or town.

Each level starts with an adviser telling you what the town needs and what is expected of you so that you don’t have to just guess. This is even more so in the tutorial of the game that walks you through, step by step with what is required to build and manage housing. The tutorial explains how the rent is collected, how the workers are used and how to repair and upgrade the housing that you own. As there is no way to win the levels with rent alone you are even shown how to list and sell the houses that you have built. To make even more funds you can buy dilapidated properties that are then able to be repaired. Once they have been repaired you can then upgrade them and try to sell them for a profit. You have to be careful when doing this because the game also has a town love system or hearts. Some levels require a town to have a certain amount of hearts to be able to win the level and if too many buildings in the town have negatives you will never win. So when a building with negative hearts comes up for sale you better grab it and fix it fast to improve your chances of winning.

As you can see the game play is fairly straight forward, buy property and houses, fix them up, collect rent, do upgrade and sell them to get the fund to go on to the next project. To make this more fun the animations in the game have been made as entertaining as possible, even the buildings being built are fun to watch. Just make sure that you keep the buildings repaired and free of vermin or you just might have to build the house all aver again. Along with the animations the music of the game are based off of period Elizabethan Era music which actually adds to the game and is pleasant to listen to. You also have access to a journal that will show you all of the levels that you have completed and shows you how well that you have done on each one. As to the ones that you don’t do so well on but were able to complete, you are able to go back and play them again to see if you can get a better score.

While the game is entertaining, if you not wanting to just micro manage housing this will not be a game for you. For those that love a challenge and love simulation and builder games then this is going to keep you very happy and entertained for hours on end.