Book of Legends

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This is one truly fun treasure hunt of a game that bring together aspects of various pop culture icons and blends them together in a great way. Usually in HOMs you spend time hunting down useless junk to find one silly thing, but not in Book of Legends. Like in the movie, National Treasure, each new item leads you to a new clue, that sends you on a global journey as you help Charleston and his sister, Zoe, find Excalibur in this anime-style adventure.

The beginning of the game seems very much like the opening of season 10 on Stargate SG-1, and the bookish library geek, Charleston reminds of us of the very young Daniel Jackson. Unlike Daniel, he merely calls the shots and gives Zoe directions to follow. Along with Chuck manning the helm of the operation, Zoe also picks up odd jobs along the way to fund the hunt. Some of these characters are a little shady, but when someone pays you $200 to do five minutes worth of work, you jump at it, especially in the 2012 economy.

Even the hints we get to find items are done more logically, as we see the place through a grid, and hunt for the item in a map-like pattern rather than simply see a shimmer on our screen. Book of Legends has become a must-have for me. If you like those kinds of hunts where one thing leads to another, and there is very little back-tracking involved, then it will be a must-have for you, too.