Blue Crush : Take The Risk. Feel The Rush.

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“You have to understand. They’re the most dangerous waves on the planet. Out here, you don’t just get crushed…you die,” was what the main character of the surfer girl film Blue Crush said to her new man when she took him to see the Pipeline on the North Shore. Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) knows exactly what she is talking about. In a junior Pipeline competition a few years before, she near lost her life to a to a crushing wave and a brutal coral reef. Now, she is just trying to get by, but still competing. She shares her home and her passion for surfing with her two best friends and co-workers, Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake). Her mother is a flighty woman whom tends to take off on a whim with rich men, leaving the three girls to look after Penny (Mika Boorem), Anne’s young teen sister. The three surfers work at a posh resort as maids, and when a football club comes to the beach for their vacation, Anne Marie has even a harder time focusing on her true dream, taking on the Pipeline once again. She still fears the reef that almost ended her once, and she even though she is very close to getting taking that perfect ride down the Pipe, her focus gets taken away by all those outside factors.

She has a rivalry with some local dudes and an ex-boyfriend, Drew (Chris Taloa) for the best places to surf, and the quarterback, Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis) of the team staying at the hotel has taken a liking to her after she taught his teammates a lesson in hygienics on the beach. Anne Marie is one bold young woman, and he finds it hard to believe that she would let her social status with him and her fear of the reef hold her back from getting that attention she is deserving of from all those great sponsors out there like Billabong and other surfing gear manufacturers at the Pipe Masters tournament.

Anne Marie not only has a rivalry with the sea and her social status, but she and her friends are the butt of jokes among the ladies that date the football players at the hotel. Her life is a whirlwind of contradictions from every angle, but Eden is determined that she stays focused on riding the Pipe in a big ladies-only competition. Michelle Rodriguez is pretty much playing the bitchy tough chick she is known best for here, and just about every movie she’s been in, but she does seem to have a way of stealing the show.

There are some fun scenes where the girls teach the football players how to surf, and Faizon Love’s character has us pretty much laughing along the way, and he is really larger than life, in so many ways. He teaches the girls indirectly not to take things so seriously, and helps Anne Marie by lightening her economic load when she gets fired after giving him that “cleaning lesson”.

This movie is really girl empowering, and with the way the headlines are for the ladies today, it might be a great time to check out the waves and the courage the surfer girls of Maui and every other beach have. The sea never changes, but the political climate does. Maybe we can all learn from Anne Marie Chadwick and Keala Kennelly.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆