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If you played bloody and gory video games before, you already know Blood Rayne. The movies suck, but the game is way better than the movies. BloodRayne is really messy game. I always said, “Clean up on Aisle 4! Make that a major clean up!” You are playing a sexy female vampire named Rayne. Rayne is half vampire and half human. So, she is a dhampir. A dhampir does not feast on the blood of humans. It means she is like Blade. She likes to make a mess and she likes paint on the walls, too. Her favorite color is red. The first time I played the game, I said “This is way better than the BloodRayne movies.”

The gameplay looks like early Play Station 2 graphics. Well! It a old game but it not that old. This game does not take place in the early 1800’s. This game takes place in the 1930’s. The training level is about helping out some villagers from a bunch of swamp monsters that are trying kill them. Later on in the game, you are killing lots of Nazis, Nazi demons, and Nazi vampires. The Nazis were making some kind of weapon, so that they can rule the world. Rayne is using some very dangerous blades. Those blades will slice a Nazi soldier right up. Rayne has power to stop the Nazis. Rayne’s powers are enhanced senses, slow time, far vision, and blood rage. Enhanced senses can find items and enemies. Slow time is really important in this game. You need to get away from the bullets when you are in slow time. Far vision is like a scope. You can see 30ft. from a building to a boat.

Blood Rage is really kind like super saiyan. If Rayne is very mad, she will go to blood rage and tear up those Nazis really good, and the Nazis will be beheaded and dismembered. You can use guns in this game instead of the those blades, but the guns are not all that good if you get a shotgun or rocket launcher. Shotgun and rocket launcher are two powerful guns in this game. If you use them, you make more as a mess as it is. So, If you hate the BloodRayne movies, but the like concept or if you want a gory game, Play BloodRayne.