BloodRayne 2

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BloodRayne 2 has more blood and gore, more special powers, and more sexy girls. The sexy girls in this, you have to kill because they like to drink blood from humans. This BloodRayne game is more bloody and gory than the first BloodRayne game. Rayne is ripping those vampires up. She cuts them in half, or is cutting their heads, arms, and legs off as well. After she cut there body parts off, blood is spraying out. So this game is kind of like what you would see in anime.

You got your own guns this time, but the guns you got will drain your health. The ranging way the guns work is that they will shoot out blood instead of bullets. The special power are far more dangerous than the first game. This is not in the 1930’s no more. This one set in the 2000’s. So, your not fighting Nazis this time. This game all about these vampires are trying to destroy the human race. The vampires made a special dark red cloud of blood, so that it covered them in sunlight . Now vampires can walk in daylight. It up to Rayne to stop the vampires from taking over the world and destroying the human race. The gameplay is a lot better than first game. The gameplay looks like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The graphics looks a lot better than the first game. The graphics in this game looks like early XBOX 360 graphics, but it is only on Play Station 2, and XBOX. So, the graphics looks way better than the first game. The first game graphics were early Play Station 2 graphics.

When you are this game you have some outfits for Rayne, instead the same clothing from the first. You may have finish the game or have to use cheats. I use the cheats to unlock the outfit for Rayne. The outfit in this game are Dark, Cowgirl, School girl, and Armor. I always use School girl because I’m an anime freak. School girl is like of those Japanese high school girls and love Japanese school girls. So, If you already play the BloodRayne game and the second game. Play BloodRayne 2. This one is way better than the first BloodRayne game.