What Is Blogspam – A Musing Perspective

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What is blogspam? You ask that question of 12 people and you are sure to get 14 different answers. People answering that question can get rather Asuran about it, hence 14 out of 12. The point is that they really don’t know most of the time what spam is. We know that when we get unwanted email that it is spam. It has no worth and it is just clogging up our mail box as we look for what it is that we really want to see. That is email spam and we would all like to see it go away and never return, a wonderful pipe dream there. So what is spam in a blog? Technically it is the posting or discrimination of other peoples work for the express purpose of gaining traffic and clicks on ads. Blog spam is also what is also known as a circle jerk site. This sites you mostly see riddled with porn advertisements or warez sites. Those can be deadly to your computer and is some of the worst spam you will run across.

Now I could go all spammy and start quoting what other sites have said or other dictionary sites to prove my point but there in is the problem. If I would just show you tons of links and quote tons of sites then I would be spamming you. That’s right if you over quote a site or have a bunch of links with no content then that is spam. I could show you images from other sites that I had no right to and that would be spam and that is not what myself or any other person associated with Musing is about. We want to make sure that when you come to this site you see original content that is always written by us. Sure we might quote someone now and then but we let you know that it is a quote and tell you why we are quoting it. We are never setting up a spam message for a spam blog. We make sure that we give you how we feel about a subject, even the graphic on this post is original to this site. It was just made prior to the posting of this article. We want you to see and know that what we are sharing with you is from us and for your entertainment and enjoyment. Snigglets aside, everyone quotes those, though we have made some of our own. We leave it to you to try and figure out which ones.

In the about page we state specifically that we might ramble on about what ever it is that we are writing. We muse about the books, the movies and what ever we might see or hear about. Once we decide what we want to write we go write it and damn what ever anyone else has to say about it. If it sounds like something someone else said, oh well. Do you think it is just possible that 2 people might have the same exact opinion of something? Don’t you think that they might see things the same way? It happens all the time and if you look closely at what both people said you will see that even though they are simular they are not exactly 100% alike. Each is going to have a little something to say different then the other. Heck it might just be a period or the way they structured a sentence. That still does not mean that they copied each other to spam the net. That is just plain stupid thinking like that and yes I know that is not proper English. I am not an English proff, I am over 40 and writing what I damn well feel.

As to spam sites there is another misconception that really ticks me off sometimes. That is the use of ads or any kind of advertisement on a site. There are lots of idiots out there that think if you have even one ad on your site then you must be a spammer. If that is the case then Google is a spammer. If having ads was spam then The New York Times is a spammer. If trying to make some extra cash to pay for the freaking server is spam then the entire net is nothing more then a big spam trap. If there were not ads then you would not have any content at all except for those that could afford to just write stuff and never expect anything back from it at all. Do you really think we are all that damn stupid? Do you? I know some people ate some of the so called bookmarking sites and social sites think that. Many of those sites were set up so you could self promote but you better not do it too often or your a spammer. Until people know what a spammer is you are going to see lots of sites just fade away till you are left with nothing but a social or bookmarking site that is spamming you with ad after ad. Do you want that? I know I don’t.

So I would like to thank everyone that read this and I hope you can understand what is written here. If you don’t understand what is written here then go the hell away and go back to school till your idiot proofed enough to be out in the real world like the rest of us old folk. I tend to think that the people that yell spam the loudest are still in school and don’t have a damned job and wouldn’t know what spam was if they ate it.

Enjoy the site and enjoy all the Musings From Us as we decide to tell and write it. If you don’t like it we don’t care! Oh, and if we spell something wrong, oh well, typos happen and so does life and that other thing you do on the toilet.