A Blast from the Past: Sniglets

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The 80s were a fun time for media and those who were fortunate enough to have HBO at the time were treated to a special segment on the satirical show “Not Necessarily the News”. Canadian funny guy, Rich Hall, treated us to Sniglets, words that should be in the dictionary, but are not. There are so many little quirky things that we run into in everyday life that have no labels, that Rich started making them up, and the trend swept across North America, and you can still find some Sniglets used in regular American and Canadian English even now. Example: Spork n. The fusion of a plastic spoon and fork

There are so many fun sniglets, and people are still making up new ones, but they aren’t as appreciated as they used to me. Maybe it’s time to bring them back. With all the new tech that has come into play since the 80s, the potential for new and improved sniglets is astounding, and we might even feature them right here on Musings By Us. So, don’t take your day to day life too seriously, because you might find a new sniglet, and can bring more fun back into our lives.

For those who live near the Stone Paper Mill in east Panama City, here’s a Sniglet for you: Pewtone (pyu tone’) – n. (chemical symbol: Pu) A major atmospheric component of towns with paper mills.