Blade Trinity – The Final Hunt Begins

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While I like the Blade concept and the first film that Wesley Snipes did, this film seemed to go over the top with language, even more so then the second one. In the first film it worked well without all of the bad language but for some reason the film makes filled this one so full of it that when you are done watching it that is all you seem to remember. The film has a decent plot but all of the 4 letter words and gutter slang in this film makes it hard to watch at times. The language is not the only thing wrong with the film but some of the acting as well. What I am referring to is that of 2 of the main characters, Hannibal King and Danica Talos who have history with each other. I know they were going to big names to draw a crowd but PLEASE, why those two?!?!

Hannibal King played by Ryan Reynolds is an embarrassing joke in the film. Half the time you don’t know if his character is straight or if his character is gay. The lines he says suggests both. I have no clue why he allows himself to get cast like that since he was a very solid character in Green Lantern. He needs more roles like that and not the kind that he has in Blade Trinity. He plays a former vampire that has been cured by the Nightstalkers. He hates what he had to do to survive and was happy to join the team after his cure.

Danica Talos is played by Parker Posey. I really do not care for her acting nor the characters that she plays. In almost every film I have ever seen her in she is a real pain to watch. It is sometimes really painful to watch her on the screen as she butchers just about any role that she is given. It makes you wonder what she would be like if she were given normal dialog to say in a film. Anyway, she is playing the leader of a coven of vampires that wants to see Blade dead once and for all as well as find a cure for the sun and silver sickness that all vampires are susceptible to. She is also the one who had Hanibal on a short leash when he was a vampire and the two of them hate each other.

Now the leader or one of the main players of the Nightstalkers is that of Abigail Whistler played by Jessica Biel, the daughter of Wistler that raised Blade. She was born out of wedlock and is determined to see that vampires are wiped off the face of the earth. She is also out for revenge to kill those that killed her father. It is her and her team that come to Blade’s rescue when he is captures by the vampire controlled police.

One of the more sophisticated characters in the film was actually that of Drake played by Dominic Purcell. He is the first vampire, the progenitor of the entire vampire race. He is also the source of most of the ancient legends as well as at times worshiped as a god by ancient man. He is unique in that he is immune to silver and sunlight as is blade is but he is also a shape shifter. He is able to change his form to fit any humanoid shape that he desires, especially if he has tasted their blood but that is not a requirement. Drake is old and actually asleep when Danica and her team went to find him. The found him in an ancient ziggurat where he chose to sleep, wishing to get away from the world that had become too chaotic even for him.

As I said, the film has a decent plot and would have been much better if the language had been toned down. The comic book didn’t have that kind of language in it and I don’t see why Amen Ra Films had to inject all of that in there. It could have done quite well without it. As to Ryan and Parker it could have just been the lines that had been written for them but they should have used a different actor or actress for one of them. If they had done that then it would have not been ass annoying to watch. Low marks all around because of language and over use of cliché casting.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆