Being Human A Syfy Original Premier Part 1 of 2

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Syfy has given us another show that just might be good to watch every Monday night. The Show is called Being Human and is based off the hit series from BBC of the same name that has just started its third season just as Syfy starts with its own rendition of the show. Being Human features the talents of Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington. It is a show about 3 people that desperately want to live a normal life but there is no way that they can.

Aidan has issues, he is a vampire that is trying to kick the habit but temptation keeps pulling him back. From the first episode we see that his mistakes, as he calls them, are pulling him back into the old vampire coven that he was a member of. He wants out and is haunted by his past, a past that has involved countless lives in bloodshed. Hundreds of years of killing has taken its toll on him to where 2 faces are stuck in his head, the face of a child of about 12 and a woman that he recently, well, drank.

Josh, well Josh has his own problems as well. We don’t know how it happened yet but we do know that a few years back he was changed into a werewolf and fled from his family in fear and shame. He doesn’t know how to cope and has been running to the woods every time it is his time to change hoping that he doesn’t hurt anyone. He is lathargic and moans a lot about his plight in life feeling that he is nothing more then a monster. Also he hasn’t had sex in over 2 years so that gives things a bit more edge.

The last of the three roomies is that of Sally, she is a ghost. She doesn’t know how she died she only knows that she can’t leave the house. At the end of the episode we get the feeling that it might not be can’t but it is fear that wont let her leave. She is only visible when she wants to be and knows exactly what the two guys are. At one point she asked if they were going to get “Twilight” on each other. For a ghost who is lost and scared she has a good sense of humor.

At the very end of the show all three are thrown into amazing situations that will take amazing strength of will to be able to over come and to endure. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode of Being human. Mark your calendars as the show comes on Monday nights at 9 Eastern / 8 Central.

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