Beastmaster 3: The Eye Of Braxus

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Beast Master 3 and The Eye Of BraxusThe first Beastmaster was great and I think actually better then Conan the Barbarian. Then you had Beastmaster 2 through the portal of time, should have been called Beastmast 2 thrown out the window and told to fly. Then we have Beastmaster 3 and the eye of Braxus. Well it was better then the second film but not as good as the first and where the hell was Roo?!?!

Beastmaster 3 and The Eye Of Braxus stars the talents of Marc Singer, Tony Todd, Keith Coulouris, Sandra Hess, Casper Van Dien (from Starship Troopers) and was directed by Gabrielle Beaumont. I feel sorry for Gabrielle, they didn’t give them enough of a budget to really do justice to this film. The film does have a great plot but too much focus was done on fly overs and trying to make everything dirty yet keeping Sandra Hess spotless. I wonder if the film was more for her benefit or that of the rest of the cast.

I can not understand why they replaced Roo with a lion, maybe the tiger Roo was doing the TV show or something. I understand cutting costs on a film but why in the world but a female lion in the net and have a male lion for the rest and then on top of that have a horribly stuffed lion for the falls. This film needed more money to make it great, it was good and fun to watch but the little things like the obviously fake rocks and caves just take away from the real enjoyment of the film. Oh, and did they steal the suit for Braxus from Dinosaurs TV show? “Not the momma…”

If you are a fan of Singer and the Beastmaster series you will want to get this one but I doubt you will be watching it that much. While the plot was better then the second film it needed the financing of the second film to truely be a great fantasy film.

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