Beach Party Craze

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Although the leaves might be changing colours up north, here in the South, we are still having sunny days in the 80s, and locals are hitting the beaches on the weekends. For those of us lucky enough to be on the Gulf Coast, here is a game to while away the weekend once those ever so predictable autumn showers start coming in, and bringing those welcome cold fronts along with them. You know the pattern, 2 days rainy, 2 days cold, 3 days nice, rinse, later repeat from October thru to February. For those that are just missing the summer sun, it might just perk you up.

Beach Party Craze takes us to some fun sub-tropical hotspot where you play as a young woman whom is visiting her friend that runs a beach service. Your friend wants to go home to visit with her ailing mother, but is afraid that she will lose a local competition to her ex-boyfriend whom is running a rival beach service.
At the end of the summer the most successful beach service will win the prize of becoming a business partner with the man whom own all the beaches in the area.

You take over the business and you are now setting up umbrellas, beach chairs and towels, running cold drinks, cocktails and sandwiches, and selling souvenirs, along with giving people rides on a multi-person jet-ski contraption call a Big Banana. You have to meet with certain goals to advance to the next level. You can upgrades your services, and train new employees to run things for you a little quicker and more efficiently. Luckily, the customers in this game tend to be pretty patient compared to some other time management games. The little game can get addictive, so good luck with it, and remember to upload it to whatever pad you might take to the beach, or even the mountains this winter.