Be Richest!

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Cleave had reviewed Be Richer for Musings awhile back, but I never really got to play it until now, and I really enjoyed it. Be Richest was pretty much the same, but with more of an adventure element in that we are supposed to stop the vermin, human and animal, that has infested our town. The town mayor and his professional accomplice have wiped out the city treasury, and now its up to the new city engineer, that is the player, to rebuild the town and make it flourish again.

While this game did have the base elements of Be Richer, and refurbishing the more worn parts of town are something many local metropolitan politicians might learn from this game, the constant chasing of bandits and rats was irritating. I did like the fact that we can help the builders along by whacking on the housing units and businesses with a hammer to speed things up. Also, we did not get the option to hire city managers to boost our scores. I did like that we got to fix up our own little part of town down by the beach with upgrades. It was much nicer than a lame trophy room.

I have seen both good and bad things about this third installment of the Be Rich real estate and time management game, but I rather liked it. I saw far more pros than cons, but I’d like to give all the games a try before I consider getting them all. Just for the record, Be Richer is already on my drive, and Cleave wants to purchase this one. Hope he enjoys the rats and bandits.