Be Rich

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

A real estate game that has you running all over trying to make sure that you get everything built and upgraded on time. Why on time? If you get it done before expert time runs out you receive extra funds that can be used to upgrade your company HQ. Not the head quarters that is on the map but the one where your offices are. So not only are you building towns and cities but you are also dealing with time management as well. Each upgrade that you have for your company headquarters (By the way, you get to name your company) you receive bonuses on the game map. Some will increase construction, others will increase the speed of your wagons while others can decrease the amount of repair work that you have to do on any of the tenements. This truly is a fun yet challenging game that puts you in the realtor’s seat where you can Be Rich.

Each map guides you through the various things that you are able to do with the game. Every time that you finish a level you unlock the next as well as unlock points toward your company upgrades and for a sandbox mode. In the sand box mode your goals are rather broad and do not have any time limits on them. You just play till you are able to reach that goal. After the goal has been reached on sandbox or any other level you can keep playing that level or city for as long as you want. You are even able to return the the map that is in your HQ and go back and replay the maps you have already done to either ace them for expert or just continue to play them in a mini sandbox mode to see how much you can make. As you meet each challenge and goal you will receive awards along the way that you will see displayed in the company map room. Some awards are for population, others for environment and appeal and so on. You can even challenge yourself just to meat all of those goals. The point is that it is up to you to Be Rich or not. You get to play the game you want to play.

While there is some time management in the game it really is just a city builder game that you can play casually. If you don’t meet the destined time goal you don’t have to start over unless you want the expert ranking. You can play the game at your own speed so that you can make your tenements, shops, amusement parks, car dealerships and more make money. This game is wide open and will keep you wondering where the time went and not want to stop playing. This is one of those games that you really wont want to uninstall as you will find yourself going back to it again and again with wonder and amazement. And I am not just saying that, it really is run. The graphics are inviting, the sound pleasant and the ease that it can be played is just refreshingly fun.