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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This classic navel battle strategy game takes to the casual game circuit along with the other classic board games, like The Game of Life and Monopoly thanks to PopCap Games. While we have two modes we can play in, like the classic mode where we fire off one shot at a time on the grid, or the salvo, where we fire off one to five shots at a time, according to how many ships are out there in our small fleet. We still have the five ships, the aircraft carrier, the destroyer, the battleship, the sub, and the PT. We actually do get to see the ships go down, but not in an explosive glory shot, but simply slide over and sink. It was somewhat impressive to see the little planes go down as they fell off the carrier.

Along with these basics, we are given new ranks as we go along, according to how many enemy ships we take down. Along with moving up in the ranks, we also access new superweapons, like sea mines, a supersword satellite that can take out thirteen spaces on the grid, and other great ship sinkers. If you always loved this game, and the movie, Battleship or even Down Periscope and McHale’s Navy, then you will heartily enjoy this fusion of the old grid strategy game and the movie to play at your leisure any time. It is very easy to get caught up in this new version of the game, and know that PopCap has saved itself from the embarrassment of The Game of Life.