Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

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Its August 2011 and a group of meteors are headed toward Earth and it looks like they are going to hit all up and down the western sea board with their current trajectory. No one really thinks about it, they all look small enough to just burn up in the atmosphere or will they? Why does it seem that they are all targeted to land only in the water and not on land? Something just doesn’t look right with this cluster of rocks, or are they even rocks? It is when they look closer that the nations worlds find out that it is something even more sinister then just random rocks showing up out of nowhere. The cluster of so called meteors are in fact mechanical in nature and it doesn’t seem that there is anything that we can do about it but wait. Wait for them to get here and then wait for the end. That is how this space caused war thriller of a film starts out. It is fast paced and doesn’t really stop, not even at the end.

Sgt. Michael Nantz has seen too much war in his life as a Marine and now he wants out. He has seen way to much death and there are many that think he is the cause of some of those deaths. He doesn’t want to have the lives of others be his responsibility any more so he is going to retire. He doesn’t feel that there is any place for him in the military at all any more. Now with the arrival of what he thinks are just space rocks he is being put in a position where he will be responsible for more then just the men around him. This encounter is going to test his strength, his will, his determination as well as the steadiness of his nerves. Everyone thinks he is a lousy soldier that will just let you die so that he can live. That notions is far from the actual truth about this man. He is going to be their only hope of living whether they like it or not.

Its not rocks but aliens that have come to earth to reap its resources but not the ones that you might think. They are after our water and not the fresh stuff. They want the water in our oceans. It is used to fuel their entire society and are guzzling it up so fast that scientists are seeing a rapid reduction in the sea levels. We have to find a way to stop them and at first it seems that just conventional means are going to be enough until they start creating unmanned drones out of their own bodies and spar parts of ours. These drones are ruling the skies and we have to find a way to stop them and the only one who seems to know how is that of TSgt. Elena Santos, an Air Force specialist that is looking for the aliens Command and Control Center so that the humans can even have a chance in this war that the entire world is in.

Nantz and Santos must find a way to stop the drones and find how best to kill these invaders before they destroy us all and they have to do this while keeping civilians with kids out of harms way. This film shows that struggle to us. This is not one of those regular hero films where something spectacular saves the day. This is a film that shows the struggles of rather ordinary people with both fears and dreams that must come together so that they can get the job done. There are heroes in this film but they are made during it because of the circumstances that they find themselves in. On first view of the film do not expect to be instantly impressed, this film takes time to appreciate because there is so much going on in this film. You are either going to like it or hate it as it is not your typical space thriller invasion film. Is it worth a view? Yes, but you just might have nightmares afterwards. You will just have to see for yourself just how entertaining this film can be.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆