Batman: Arkham City

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Batman: Arkham City starts where Arkham Asylum left off. This one is way better than Arkham Asylum was. Arkham Cityis an open world like the Final Fantasy games on PSone, Elder Scrolls games, Assassin’s Creed games, and including Spider-Man 2 for PS2.

In this game, you can do main mission or the side missions. This is like Spider-Man 2 for the PS2, but much better. This game is about when Bruce Wayne was declared to shut down Arkham City, but things didn’t turn out right. He got arrested and got throw into Arkham City. Dr. Strange knows Bruce Wayne’s secrets now. Not the Dr. Strange from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Now he has to save the Gotham cops and stop TYGER guards from destroying Arkham City. Could he save Arkham City? Find out when you are playing this game.

You will get to play characters in this game. They are Batman, Catwoman, and Robin. Catwoman looks damn hot. She almost look like cosplayer Yaya, but without her big boobs. Catwoman does walk like sexy woman walking down the street. I like Harley’s new outfit. She look pretty hot in this one too, but I like her other outfit in Arkham Asylum. The Joker looks sick in this game. It look like he is turning into a zombie. If Joker was a zombie in this game , I would kill him so fast. I like killing zombies, because there dead and stupid, but not Resident Evil zombie I’m taking about. Joker need some kind of cure that get him back in good health. I wish he was zombie. The graphics are well done and better than before. Arkham Asylum had pretty good graphics, but this game has better graphics than Arkham Asylum did. In Arkham City, you will got help in danger or side mission pop-ups. Batman can run around in the city or he can jump on roofs with using his grapple. The gameplay is still the same as before. The gameplay looks like Assassin’s Creed. After you beat the main mission, you can do the side quests and one more thing, you can play Harley’s Revenge. It is a spin-off expansion, and you get to play as Robin.

This game is the Game of the Year of 2011, but it wasn’t number #1 on the list. This one was number #2. Skyrim was number #1. This game is way better than Spider-Man 2 was, and this game isn’t based on a movie. Batman: Arkham City is fun to play for the PlayStation 3 and it is worth it to buy. This game takes a long time to beat. It takes a long time to beat this game, because you got the side missions and the main missions and you have play as Robin to save Batman from Harley. This game is great and it is way better than Arkham Asylum. There is a new Batman Arkham game and it is call Batman: Arkham Origins. That will come out in October 2013. I can’t wait to play that game. If you played Arkham Asylum, you have so much fun playing this game. So get Batman: Arkham City today.