Barn Yarn

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you liked Playrix’s Gardenscapes game, then you will most likely enjoy Barn Yarn. This is a sequel to the hidden object auction game, but now we are playing as designer to Farmer Joe, a relative to that old butler, and we are remodeling the farm. We start off with a beat up old barn, and immediately start looking for ways to make cash to fix it up.

The customers we run into while selling off the junk at the old farmstead are fairly patient people, and they will pay very well on everyday objects that we might find out in the wild in real life. While this is not a hidden object mystery, you might find it to be mystery on how quickly you can rack up the cash by selling junk from around the farm and looking for extra coinage that just seems to show up all over the place. Playrix also managed to get their logo, the young dragon, into the game itself as a child’s toy that Farm Joe’s grandson, Tommy, carries around, as well as part of the remodel sale.

Barn Yarn is a fun game, and there are other games out there like it, but I found Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean to be far more enjoyable. No matter which of these rummage sale/remodel games you try, you’ll be pretty satisfied with any of them.