Banished: The game that will surprise you

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Banished is a builder survival game that keeps you entertained for hours on end in much the way that the original SimCity did when it was first released. The game was developed by newcomer software company Shining Rock Software. The quality of the game is rather excellent give that they entire install package is under 100k. The clarity of the graphics and smoothness of gameplay just draws you in in ways that you wouldn’t think possible. And yet with it deceptively simple game play it can be hard as well. Truly a wonderful and addictive game to play.

The premise of the game is that a group of people have been exiled and now must start over in the land that they now find themselves on. You have to guide them through the building of their new home and make it thrive so that they can survive. A simple enough concept and done well in that you immediately have an attachment to the new settlement and a need to see it succeed. The first thing that you must do is make sure that they can survive the first winter. Starvation and the effects of the cold will kill off your population in the first year if you are not careful. It is very easy to get caught up in all the building projects and forget the simplest of things to make sure that your town succeeds.

As this is a builder, you are presented with many that can be used to make sure that your people prosper. Some of the most important are those of housing and resource buildings, especially food. If your people do not have someplace to stay they will die of exposure to the elements and if they don’t have food, well you know what happens next. If if your people start to pass due to lack of food your entire population can die off rather quickly. I myself enjoying the wonder of the game saw my first town just fade away as there was never enough food to feed them all.

Another aspect of the game is that of trade which can be an important part depending on what you start with. Your villagers only start with a certain amount of supplies and seed to get going. If you don’t have the seeds for certain crops or trees then you will not be able to grow them. With the proper trade buildings set up you can hopefully have a trader stop buy with different seed crops for you to buy. Having different types of foods will make it easier to keep your population alive. The more trade that you have the more access you get to other ways to keep your town happy and flourishing.

With all that this game has to offer in such a small package is just astounding. It harkens back to a day when quality software was made that did not require tones of space and memory to run them. With todays standards for computers, just about any system will be able to run this game. It is truly spectacular what the programmers have been able to do with this builder game. I see great things for this company if they keep building software like they have with this one. This is one game that you will not want to walk away from.