Ballad of Solar

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Leave it to Alawar to come up with a silly time management adventure game featuring a previous incarnation of Dudley Do-right as the protagonist. While the opening animations has that retro, Don Bluth animated 90s movie kind of look and feel, when we got into the main part of the game, it seemed like the same old kind of time management builder. Clear the wood, grab the food, get some tools, get some treasure, etc.

The storyline might keep you going here. The evil wizard Grogan is attempting to create a spell that will make him immortal. He has the potion recipe, and now all he needs is kiss from a princess to make it work. His minions have kidnapped the princess from a neighboring kingdom, and she is being held in a tower while Grogan makes his preparations. Meanwhile, Prince Solar has returned to find his fiancee’ missing, and now has set out to rescue her from the evil wizard. He has a travelling camp of a variable number of workers travelling the roads with him. He comes across unlikely allies along the way. A troll to do the heavy lifting, a sage to take on magical barriers, an elven ranger to work as a deep woods sniper, and so on. Solar has one great talent. He is a snap negotiator, and he actually has brain under all those blond curls. When it comes to finding his missing wife-to-be, he will not stop for anything. How does it all turn out? If you don’t mind the repetitiveness of the gameplay, you could go find out, but Alawar again gave us a game script that should have been used as a movie. Might be better off watching Quest for Camelot.