Bad Teacher

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I just saw this on the BBC Scotland News from me following them on Twitter – teacher suicide remark I really do hope that they are suspended indefinitely.

It is just plain wrong to tell any child that another child is going to go to hell for any reason. They are children and saying things like that just foster intolerance and hate among kids. I know the child in question took their own life but that does not give the teacher the right to tell her other students in a classroom environment that their classmate, that I am sure some cared about deeply, are going to go to hell. For many children hell is used to scare them straight. To them it is the worst possible place to go, it is even worse then death itself. To say that….

It just pissed me the HELL OFF!!!!! How dare he tell the kids that. I don’t care if it was a catholic school or not. It just is not right at all and I don’t think the divine ever intended to use the afterlife punishment crap like that on kids. We are supposed to be loving our kids and I think everyone of the parents of the other children should remove them from the school and put them in another school in protest unless the teacher is removed from ever teaching any child ever again. If they are going to a teacher like that then they just need to become a minister and leave the teaching of knowledge to someone that is going to care about their students more then that idiot teacher and his go to hell ways.

I wish all the blessings that can be given to the families of the lost children and I hope the gods, all of them, will look after the children and families that remain. I sincerely wish them healing and happiness as they try and put their lives back together again.