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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

Once again, we have been treated by Myth People to another great match 3 game, but I found Azkend to be to much like Heroes of Hellas. While the storyline was far different, as you are playing as an explorer searching for an artifact to cure your strange illness, the maze-like matching had you following little icons all over the hexagonal grid.

While I did not mind the grid game itself much, the mini-game where you have to match parts of the background picture to itself was a bit frustrating, as it really did not lend to the game much, and some parts of you background looked to similar to each other. This was very much a right-brain part of the game, and I was happy to get back to the left brain part of it when the grids came back up.

I did like the exotic setting of Tibet, and all the mountains, temples and high bridges. I also liked that I could earn new tools the further I went up in levels. While Azkend is no Heroes of Kalevala, it is a fun bit of a way to pass the time. The background music does not overpower, so you do not feel like you are playing a video game while dining in a Chinese restaurant, as it does with other adventure games set in Asia. It’s a fun bit of diversion, plain and simple.