Awakening Moonfell Wood

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

Awakening: Moonfell Wood is about as average as it gets when it comes to puzzle games. Sofia, a human princess, wakes up in a world where all humans have vanished, but the other creatures guide her to find them. A fairy, Mira is her guide, and she gains a pocket dragon as a pet, whom is useful for lighting torches and candles, plus there are centaurs and friendly goblins who look not unlike Miner-Forty-Niners from an old Western movie.

Not too many hidden objects to find in a mess, not so bad, but the jumping around from area to area to find useful items is a pain, and the score is just a bit too relaxing, making you wonder if you will stay awake long enough to complete the many, many different puzzles you come across, and there are so many! Sliders and riddles, and swap-a-tile and so on. If you like little logic puzzles Awakening: Moonfell Wood is your kind of game. There are a few hidden object puzzle along the way, but not as many as I find in most of these puzzle games. Time is something you will need plenty of to get through Awakening: Moonfell Wood as you figure out all these random puzzles to bring Sofia back to her own kind. The graphics are great, and you can tell that the artists put some time into them.

If you love a colourful puzzle game then check out Awakening: Moonfell Wood right now, and have a fun weekend experience made just for a puzzle gamer.