Avenue Flo

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

One of the many games in the Diner Dash series features our favourite restauranteur, Flo, in a new mystery along with the many friends and customers we meet in the “Dash” games. We see everyone from the diner, like the businesswoman, the cell phone guy, the hearty eater,and the bookworm. We also meet again with wedding planner Quinn, along with some of the other main characters from game like Garden Dash, and Wedding Dash. This time we get more in depth with Dinertown, as we are no longer restricted to the five main restaurants on the food court. We’ll be going around downtown, looking for clues to help Flo save Quinn’s own wedding. There are so many fun personalities in Avenue Flo, it is very surprising that Play First games has not hooked up with an animation company yet to get Flo’s misadventures on as a cartoon series, because the harried diner owner that everyone loves has a huge following. There is just so much going on with Avenue Flo, it seems like a combination of all you favourite genres of games, except for maybe horror, in one fun, upbeat package.

I’m sure everyone is pretty much beat down from the crazy Black Friday sales, so maybe it is time to relax with a combo of hidden object and time management as we explore the street of Avenue Flo, and save the wedding of the year! At least they will be throwing showers of bread crumbs instead of showers of pepper spray, and you can even nom on your leftover turkey sandwiches while you strategise. Now that is a holiday cool down!