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KillZone 2

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Killzone 2 is a another first-person shooter game. This is like Call of Duty, but even better. You not at war with the Russians. You’re at war with alien planet. The aliens you are fighting are called Helghans. The Helghans are like the Republicans we have today. The Helghans want control and power. In the beginning of game, the ISA go to the Helghan’s home planet to stop the Helghans’ leader. This game like it came out of a Sci-fi movie. When you are playing the game you will see the graphics is way better than Call of Duty. This game still use two weapons but, one problem I hate you can’t switch your pistol. You can change assault rifle but not you pistol. You can hide in the and shoot back at the enemies. You can play online in this game. The online is like Call of Duty. When I play this I said, “WOW.” The graphics are amazingly better. When you’re looking down the gun, you can tap the button. You don’t have to hold the aim button anymore. This is game one of the best Sony game I have ever seen. So, if you want better first-person shooter game, or are getting tired of Call of Duty, play Killzone 2. If you want to play other the Killzone games, try the first one. It is on the Play Station 2. In that storyline, it shows why the Helghans were attacking the humans and there on is after number 2.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

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Turok Dinosaur Hunter is an old classic Nintendo 64 game. You are playing as a warrior from the present time and stopping the dinosaur army from killing the human race. In this game you have eight levels to do and to unlock to the levels you need to find the key stones to unlock the levels. Later on in the game you will be fighting some bosses. The bosses in-game will sometimes be easy and sometimes will be hard. Turok Dinosaur Hunter is a first-person shooter game and in this game your are not looking down the scope of a gun. In this game, there is no aim assist. You have to shoot from far away. It is like Quake, in that you can not aim down through a gun scope. In this game, you have weapons from humans and some weapons from aliens. The weapons in this game are a knife, tech bow, automatic shotgun, chronoscepter, fusion cannon, grenade launcher, mini-gun, particle accelerator, pistol, plasma rifle, pump shotgun, and quad rocket launcher. In this game, you have to find a save-point to save your game data. You have number of lives in this game. If you die so many times, and use up your number of lives, that’s it, GAME OVER. But you can start again from where you saved last. This game is really much harder than today’s first-person shooters. So, if you want to play very hard first- person shooter game, or enjoy old school games with a challenge as Nintendo 64 made in the past, play Turok Dinosaur Hunter. If you want to learn about the Turook series play, Turok:Evolution or read the Turok comic books.

Lollipop Chainsaw

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Lollipop Chainsaw is about killing zombies coming from Hell. The main character you are playing is a cheerleader. The cheerleader’s name is Juliet. Juliet is carrying a chainsaw to kill zombies. She also carries a talking head, and the taking head is her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is Nick. Nick is a talking head because his body was going to turn into a zombie.

The gameplay looks like some 80’s comic books. This game is about killing this person who opened the gateway of Hell and Juliet will stop him from destroying the world. In beginning of the game, Juliet was going to school and a bunch of zombies were at the school. There are some sports, in this game but zombie sports. There are two zombie sports in this game. One is zombie basketball and other is zombie zombie baseball. In zombie basketball, you are throwing a zombie heads in the basketball hoop. In zombie baseball, you are shooting zombies, so Nick can get home run. Nick can use a zombie body for other things like destroying what is in the way, or zombie baseball. Juliet can wear other outfits besides of the cheerleader uniform. If your health is down, Juliet eats a lollipop to heal up. So, If your getting tired of Resident Evil games, or if you want a different kind of zombie killing game, play Lollipop Chainsaw.

Jurassic: The Hunted

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Jurassic :The Hunted is kind of like Call of Duty, but you are not shooting at people. You are killing dinosaurs.This game all about finding a scientist who was lost in time when he fell into a some time portal out in the sea. His daughter and bunch of marines are looking for the scientist in the middle of the sea and a time portal was popping up out of nowhere. They went into the time portal and they saw dinosaurs and some of the dinosaurs were trying to eat them.

They to ran some wall for cover and they found the scientist and they are finding equipment to go home. When I played this game it was a like Mysterious Island and Land of the Lost were mixed together.This game is a first person shooter so, if a dinosaurs jumps at your face you’ll be freaking out. In this game you have many different weapons, ranging from the steampunk era to the future. When you are playing, you will going to hear this marine, your avatar saying as he goes along, “I hate dinosaurs.” When playing, you are going to be killing big, nasty, prehistoric bugs in this game. So, if want something that jumps at your face or if your a first person shooter enthusiast, try Jurassic:The Hunted.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the most action packed war game I have ever played. This is a first person shooter game. This game set in four years from now. It is continuing from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is game all about finding a Russian terrorist named Makarov, who started World War III and taking him out. The main characters are Capt. Price, Soap, and Yuri are attempting to stop Makarov from taking over the world and the Americans are going to help Capt. Price and the others as well. When I played this game I said “Wow!” This game has great graphics, many good weapons, and you get play on online. When you play online in free for all mode, Team mode, and other stuff in online play.The Free for all is fight to the death. When you are playing on teams, you are killing each other with two teams, one is good and is evil. There are other online features, besides free for all and team. There is one thing you can play offline and online, and it is Special Ops. In Special Ops, you can do it all lot funny missions. So, if you want to play a cool first person shooter game, play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you want play the first Modern Warfare, it shows how the war was getting started. If you play the second one, that one how the Russians attack America.