Atlantis The Lost Empire

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From Walt Disney animators we have an exciting tale about a young man on a quest to prove that his grandfather, the one who raised him after his parents death, is not some crazy explorer that didn’t know what he was talking about. You know how it is, unless you have something that is more then real to shove in a persons face and up everyone’s collectiveness they are not going to believe that it even happened. That is the kind of men he is working for at a museum in Washington D.C. shortly after the turn of the 20th century. An age of discovery when everyone was looking for something to make a name for themselves. The one thing that the Thatch men have been looking for is the Shepherd’s Journal.

The Shepherd’s Journal is supposed to contain the directions on how to get to the fabled city of Atlantis and what it looks like and the people that are supposed to be still there. No one believes Milo Thatch (Michael J. Fox) knows what he is talking about and is always avoiding him and his so called wild theories. He wants to go on an expedition to find the book and has studied and practiced extensively to be able to prove where the search needs to begin. The only problem is they want to keep him in the basement away from everyone cataloging relics and keeping the boiler going for the buildings heat. He can’t take it any more and tells the director that if he doesn’t listen to the proposal that he is going to quit. The director then tosses him a dime and tells him to call someone who cares and drives off laughing.

Milo is out of work, out of money and its raining with no power in his apartment. He can’t even find his cat when he notices a woman in his room. She convinces him to go with her to see someone that would be able to help him, someone that can make all his dreams come true. She takes him to Preston B. Whitmore (John Mahoney) who he finds out is a close personal friend of his grandfather and who also has the Shepherd’s Journal given to him to give to Milo. It was the last wish of Thaddeus Thatch that it be given to his grandson when he was ready. Now that there is nothing holding Milo back and the fact that he was actually able to decipher and find out the location of where the book was supposed to be Whitmore feels that he is now ready.

He doesn’t tell Milo that he would help until he sees the passion and conviction of the young scientist and archeologist. As Milo gets more and more excited Preston shows him exactly how they are going to be able to carry out the expedition. He wants to see Thaddeus’ dream come to light just as much as Milo does and already has everything setup and ready to go as if he knew what was already going to happen. Everything has been setup in advance and all that was needed was for Milo to finish the translations so that they would know where to sail to.

The first part of the film after the setup is at first a fight for survival but then turns into a wondrous trip though the caverns under the sea as they follow the route Milo picks for them. It is not till they almost get to the city that they run into any of the people from Atlantis. The same people that had been following them for a while trying to see what they were doing. The one leading the scout party is Kidagakash or just Kida (Cree Summer), the princess and only daughter of King Kashekim Nedakh (Leonard Nimoy) of Atlantis. She is the one that leads them to the city after some real fireflies set the Thatch Expedition on fire. Anything that the little bugs touched would instantly burst into flames.

The king is not pleased with what his daughter has done and knows that nothing good will come of it and orders the expedition to leave. Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke (James Garner) has other ideas and plans that Milo doesn’t know about and asks the king to be able to spend the night and to resupply. Kashekim grudgingly agrees. Rourke and the others with him are actually after the Heart of Atlantis thinking that it is some kind of gem or power supply that they will be able to sell to the highest bidder. Some don’t think that they should take it as there are actually people here but Rourke doesn’t care and will do anything to be able to get it, even killing people to do so.

With Atlantis once more threatened the Heart of Atlantis chooses the only person left of royal blood to be its conduit of power. It uses a woman of royal blood and usually will consume that person in the process. Where one person gives themselves they do it to save the entire whole. A noble sacrifice no matter how it might hurt those around them. They do take solace though in the fact that they are now part of the magnificent light that protects them. A collective conscience that will always be there to protect them in times of need. While it can protect it can also destroy and consume any that might try and use it for their own ends.

This really is a great film and a fun one for the kids to watch as well as the adults. This is a film that the whole family can watch together and it wont mater who might come to the door. Heck anyone that comes over will probably want to watch it with you. It is not the greatest film in the world but it is done in such a way that if it is being show you want to just sit down and watch it with who ever is around. It is a good anytime film that you will want to hold on to especially if you have kids underfoot.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆ 

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