Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

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It’s been ten moons since Arthur (Freddie Highmore) saved the kingdom of the Minimoys from the evil Emperor Maltazard (Lou Reed). We are back at Granny’s farm outside of Daisy Town, a town in New England. Athur’s mother, Rose (Penny Balfour), and father, Armand (Robert Stanton), are ready to go back to NYC as summer vacation is ending, but Arthur has promised to go back to see Selenia (Selena Gomez), the crown princess of the Minimoys. In the first movie, Selenia has already chosen Arthur to be her future husband king. A party had been planned for his return. Arthur’s father is not a big fan of nature, and is doing everything to protect Arthur from bees, which Arthur allergic, too. Arthur has been living among the Bogo Matassalai, a tribe of Maasai-like people that have taken residence on Grandpa Archibald’s (Ron Crawford) farm. He has been learning to become on with nature and the elements, and has mastered this at age 13, much to his grandfather’s pride. Arthur’s mother is a bit of a klutz, but she knows that the way her husband is going about to protect Arthur is wrong. When Rose sees a trail of ants going up to Arthur’s bedroom, she wonders just how much in tune he is with the creatures of the gardens on the farm. Arthur received a new passenger car for his electric train, and the ants have come on board to test out the ride. We see them all settled into the little plastic seats like human passengers, until Rose picks up the car to inspect it, and the ants hide from her view by outlining the windows with their bodies.

All the small creatures on the farm love Arthur, and will do just about anything for him. Later on, a spider comes to Arthur. The spider is carrying a grain of rice, and the word, “HELP” is etched onto it. Arthur thinks is a distress message from Selenia, and he feels she in trouble. He arranges to go through the telescope with as before with the help of the Bogo Matassalai. Just as the clock strikes midnight, a dark cloud covers the moon, and he misses the chance. He finds an alternative route, one that is dangerous, painful, and deadly, but he gets to the Minimoys by route of Max’s bar. Max (Snoop Dogg) takes him through what looks to be the Minimoy’s red light district on a ladybug outfitted to hold passengers. There they encounter Maltazard’s Unicorn forces. These are timid, stupid podling-faced soldiers from the first movie, but now they are more bold, and the Minimoys have taken to keeping their village gates always locked to keep them out. He finds out that Selenia has been moping in her room since he was late for his date. Arthur and Snow (Will i Am) go to collect her, and find her missing. She is back at the telescope station, still waiting for Arthur. Nothing ever seems to go as planned, not for Selenia, not for Arthur, not for Maltazard, or Arthur’s goofy, clueless parents. Now Arthur, Selenia, and Betameche (Jimmy Fallon) are looking to thwart Maltazard again, but now, thanks to some stolen growth potion, he is seven feet tall, and can make his army grow, too.

We see some great action shots from a miniscule perspective, get to do what every kid who ever owned a Hot Wheels track ever wanted to do, as in shrink down small enough to fit in one of the cars and take on that plastic test track. We learn exactly how far Maltazard will go to exact his revenge, and exactly how much magic Grandpa Archibald knows. Mysteries from the first movie are explained, and new mysteries come about in this one. There is a third movie in the series that reveals even more. The is the movie that fills the gap in this trilogy, and even though it is beautiful and fantastical, it leaves us wanting to know more. When it comes to movie marketing and selling sequels, Luc Besson did not miss the lesson given by the Wachowski brothers and the Matrix.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆