Arthur And The Invisibles

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Worldwide, except for the US and UK, this film has entertained and delighted viewers. It really is a heart warming story about a young boy of 10 finding that the world really is full of magic if you know where to look. Even with the dumbified version for coddled UK and US kiddies it is still a good film as long as you are not trying to be a film PhD tear apart critic. When reviewing a film you really should see the film and not just go by everything else that might have been read or seen. The film does actually flow well, for the most part and even the choppy parts are interesting enough to not take away from the story. The film is enjoyable to watch as it leads you through a wonderful world that is full of magic and little people. It is a classic good versus evil to get the girl kind of movie that the whole family can and will enjoy.

Arthur (Freddie Highmore) loves anything to do with Africa and loves to invent just like his grandfather Archibald (Ron Crawford) who has been missing for some time. His parents are off in the city trying to make money so he has been staying with his Granny (Mia Farrow) but things are getting really bad. Money is owed on the farm and the contractor Davido (Adam LeFevre) has bought the lean and wants them all out. The only thing that can possibly save them is to find the rubies that his grandfather hid someplace on the property and Arthur has found a way to get them. They are hid in the magical 7 Kingdoms of the Minimoys and with the clues and instructions that his grandfather left behind for him he is able to go there.

The Minimoys are a tiny little race that are knee high to an ant and live right under our feet, at least under the feet and grounds of Archibald’s farm. No mater what way you look at them they are cute and entertaining. They too have problems and Arthur coming to their world will help them as mush as it will help Arthur and his family. The Minimoys are being attacked by the vile and evil Maltazard (David Bowie) who was once one of the Minimoys but his lust for power has corrupted him. He wants to destroy the Minimoys and take all of the kingdoms for his own and will make sure that nothing stands in his way. With the stolen knowledge of Archibald he has been building special weapons that are sure to get rid of the Minimoys forever which would leave the kingdoms ripe for the taking for his army of corrupt and mutant creatures.

Just as Arthur comes to the Minimoys the Princess Selenia (Madonna) is performing a ritual that will allow her to pull the sacred sword from the stone in the public commons. She intends to use it to go and destroy Maltazard and his evil minions. Before the ceremony can be completed the town is attacked by skitter riders, the mosquito flying minions of M. It is only through the quick wits of Authur and Betameche (Jimmy Fallon) that they are able to save the day. It is those three that are tasked to save the kingdom and retrieve the lost rubies.

This really is a fun film to watch and one that you will want to keep around for years to come.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆