Arthur 3 The War Of Two Worlds

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An action packed adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. The American and British Arthur and the Invisibles might have been choppy due to trying to kiddify it but this one is smooth as silk and given to us just the way it was meant to be. Sure there are parallels with other films but aren’t most children’s stories and films? It is a child’s story with lots of grownup actions for the rest of us that watch with our children. Some parts are blatantly stolen from other films and I doubt the original producers, directors and owners mind. I am sure they got as much of a kick out of it as I am sure that you will. This film is the perfect conclusion to the trilogy and I hope that they come back to revisit it some time with even more adventures for us.

The evil Maltazard has escaped into our world leaving Arthur no way to get back. One thing to note about this film, there are a lot of running jokes about “how hard can it be…” as different vehicles, toys and bugs are driven by the different characters. If you let it those jokes might distract you but don’t let them, this is a funny a captivating movie as we travel with Arthur on his quest to get “big” again so that he can stop M and rescue his family. That is if his father doesn’t kill him first in his quest to rid the whole property of honey bees. Arthur is allergic to them and they are also his only way to save the day, talk about ironic. The one thing that will possibly kill you is also the only thing that can save you. He even gets the bees to talk to his mother, talk about over coming your fears.

Arthur rattles his mothers senses a bit in this film to the point that she thinks that she is going crazy. While his father is trying to kill the bees Arthur keeps letting them go and bringing all sorts of critters into the house. Its all his mother can do to keep his father from finding out what he is doing and even follows a line of ants right up to Arthur’s room, in the last film, where they are playing trains with him. Talk about having friends to play with. Those trains are Arthur and Selenia’s only hope to try and return the young boy back to his original size as they try to outrun Darkos. The whole trip through the house is one of the more exciting parts of the film. They get to live every child’s Hot Wheels – Matchbox and toy dreams as they get to ride the tracks and loops that every kid sets up. Imagine being able to ride your train tracks that you have set up through out the house and though mouse holes and do be able to do it with the one that you love.

Love, that is something that is stressed in this film and they are ignoring American sensibilities all together as they show you the romance between Arthur and Selenia. We even get to see them kiss, a part that was ripped out of the film because the producer thought that the Brits and Americans would not be able to stomach the thought of a 1000 year old princess kissing an eleven, now twelve year old boy. It is degrading the way they try to tailor a film just for the extremely moderate and loud minority. If a 12 year old saw a hot babe who wanted to kiss him do you really think for one moment that he would say no? Come on, weren’t you a kid yourself once and didn’t you think about some things like that? The director and writer know this and are not shy about showing just exactly how children are. There was nothing evil about the romance, it was quaint and beautiful and not dirty at all. It is his love of nature and the princess that keep our hero going even though he knows that they can not stay together. They both have their own worlds that they have to deal with and they know it. They just make sure that they are able to enjoy the time that they have together.

Selenia in this film is definitely a much better character then in the first one. Sure she is demanding and uppity but she is also vulnerable and not the ass kicking temptress of the first film. No offense to Madona but they should have never changed the voice actor for the part in the first place. Even though they still didn’t use the voice of Mylène Farmer, too French I guess, teens will love hearing the voice of Selena Gomez who is excellent in the role as Selenia. We actually get to hear an impish, pixiesh fun voice for a character that is troubled and fun to watch. The character really does have more depth and should have never been changed in the first film. I say that directors and producers MUST make Americans more cosmopolitan by dragging them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

This as I said is the perfect ending to the trilogy and my family just loved watching the battle that the town of Daisey had with the giant mosquitoes of Maltzard’s forces. The size of the bugs makes me think of t-shirts I saw in my youth where a mosquito was carrying away a tank. The shirts were sold on an army base and the bugs were definitely larger then normal but in this film they really could carry a tank off. You and your family are going to enjoy this film and will love the surprise endings, multiple surprises in the ending actually. The last few minutes will have you giggling like a kid that is getting its tummy tickled. So enjoy your ride through the seven kingdoms and laugh with your kids. If no kids then just enjoy the show and the screenshots we have for you here.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆