Army of Two

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Army of Two is a good game, but I have some trouble with the game itself. The trouble is the game is too short, plus some bugs and glitches, and sometimes the game will crash. I played this game on the PS3.

The good things I like about this game is you can buy weapons and upgrade them and the graphics. The graphics look like Skyrim. I like the graphics in this game, but Skyrim looks better than this game. I will give kudos for the graphics, because the game has more color than Skyrim. The gameplay runs like Resident Evil 5. This game is about two best friends getting paid to do missions for the army. When you get money, you can use it for buying weapons and upgrade them. If you upgrade alot weapons, you will get alot of powerful weapons you can use on the battlefield. You get two of these best friends and their names are Salem and Rios. Those two can get the job done for money, real mercenaries, they are.

When I was playing this game there were some bugs and glitches. There were one bug that pissed me off is my partner was running around like dumb moron. I had to beat the crap of him and sometimes I have to shoot him to stop. When I was needing help, he kept on doing it. I died because of him. Sometime my partner walked above my head. After you kill the enemy soldiers, he tended to be stuck in the floor.

The game will slow down and sometimes it will crash, too. I never have trouble with multi-player mode in this game. Yes, you can play online in this game. The multi-player is better than single-player. The multi-player doesn’t have bugs or even crashes. How long did I take to beat this game? Between 5 or 6 hours. This game isn’t all that long. It will take you a day to beat this game. I never played the sequel and I’m not going to play the other two games. This game is done by EA. EA did Sims, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, and many more games they did in the past. I really don’t care about this game all that much. It good game but, I like Modern Warfare better. EA needs to fix the bugs in their games.