Army Men Sarge’s Heroes

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Army Men Sarge’s Heroes is a really good game to play and really funny as well. You are not killing people in this game. You are killing little toys soldiers and bugs. There is no blood, just plastic. In the world of Army Men, the males are little toy soldiers and female are Barbies.This game is about General Plastro, the leader of the Tan Army and the Tan Army is destroying everything in their path. General Happy Grimm, the leader of the Green Army, and his troops are attempting to stop the Tan Army. Sarge and his friends must General Plastro from taking over the Green Nation, but Plastro has some sneaky ways of stopping the Green Army.

It is up to you, Sarge, and his friends to stop Plastro before he destroys the Green Nation. Serge’s friends are Riff, Thick, Shrap, Scorch, and Hoover. Riff loves to blow up the Tan Army tanks and he uses a rocket launcher. Thick is stupid, but he kicks Tan Army butt. Shrap is a hippy. When the others said “Yes, Sir!”, he said, “Alright, Dude…” He never said “Yes, Sir!” at all. Scorch is a pyromaniac. He loves playing with fire. He likes to melt the Tan Army. Hoover is always jumpy. He is a minesweeper. He doesn’t sweep mines anymore because he gets scared often. The graphics in this game are good for a old game. This game was done by 3DO. 3DO is gone, but they did a good job on this game and they made this game pretty funny. I like what they did to the tanks in this game. I like what they did on the little toys soldiers. The gameplay looks great. The gameplay runs like Metal Gear Solid 4, but for the camera. That is the one problem in this game I have to deal with. The camera always follows me around. I wish I could turn the camera around, but I can’t. I have to deal with it. If you want game that is funny, or if you want one that has no people, just toys, play Army Men Sarge’s Heroes.