Army Men RTS

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Army Men RTS
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Army Men RTS is a real time strategy game. It is the third game of the Sarge’s Heroes series. In this Army Men game, you are building the Green Army so you can destroy the Tan Army. This game is more fun to play then the other real time strategy. This game is only for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Game Cube, and for PC.

The PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Game Cube controls are little bit hard then the other strategy game on console, but the PC version the controls are easier. Because the controls on the PC version are easier because you are use the mouse instead of a controller. When you are playing this game you need to build a army so you can destroy the Tan Army. You can build your own base. This game is like War Craft II: Tides of Darkness and Age of Empires III. You are not cutting down trees, not digging up for gold, and not hunting for food. You are melting toys and batteries.

In this game there are two things you need. The two things are melted plastic and energy. The melted plastic are use to build solders, grenades, and minesweepers and the energy is used to build big weapons. The graphics looks like Age of Empires III. This one was done before Age of Empires III. I like what they did on the graphics on this game. They did good on this game. The gameplay runs like War Craft II: Tides of Darkness. When I was playing this game the gameplay reminded me of War Craft II: Tides of Darkness. I can’t turn the camera around. I can move the camera still, but I can’t turn camera on the side. The sound is pretty good in this game. This game looks too much like Toy Story. The reason the game looks too much like Toy Story because the battle against Green and Tan is in someone’s backyard. I like so much, I can’t stop playing it. If you want a game that revolves around toys, play this. The battle against Green and Tan isn’t over yet.