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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Playrix just keeps getting better and better with these undersea trips, except that in Aquascapes, the underwater adventure is not your typical hidden object mystery. We are building high end aquariums and populating them with happy fish, both mundane and exotic. We earn upgrades by playing hidden object puzzles, and earning coins to buy new decorations and pets, along with other accessories for our fishbowls.

Also, a sneaky little thing they do is get you to collect shells, and you might be tempted to click on just the scallop shells, but the shells can take any more, conch shells, snail shells, and even the text “shell” spelled out om some wood. Those shells are great to collect, because you can buy even better stuff with them. You know you’ve made a hit with the fish when little hearts float about them when you place a new plant or decoration down, and they love the food you give them.

The only problem I had with this game was the background music. It was far too soothing, and needed to be a bit more upbeat. The fish had such fun and cute attitudes, that their music should reflect on that. All said, this was a really cute and fun game, and had a Finding Nemo feel about it.