Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin’

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

If you are looking for a varied challenge, then please, swing by BFG and download Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin‘ right now! While it is a hidden object game, it has none of the dark tones of many of the games out there, and since it is free to play, you will only be losing the time you put into to it, unless you want to purchase little side items to make it run quicker. this is no rush to the end of the game, because, like LOTRO, it is always being updated. In fact, they just tied up their Thanksgiving holiday special, and I am really looking forward to the one for the winter holidays.

This is a game with backstories about the characters and history of Beachwood Cove, and the areas of the town and the people whom reside there. It is up to us to make this a place that will bring antique shoppers around for miles. We have Breezy Bay, a place with your store, a stamp collector, a porcelain shop, a diner, the post office and a library. In an area to the east, Pawpaw Grove, there is the ranger’s office, a butterfly sanctuary, an aviary, a lodge for homeless animals, similar to the Big Cat Rescue in Florida, a fishery, and a botanical garden, and an ice cream parlour. An area to the west, Dimhammer Alley, features a toy store, a photography studio, a haberdashery, an art studio, and an auction house.

Even though we may see these characters as sort of two dimensional, they are not, and there are other people you will meet in your travels across America that have ties to Beachwood Cove. You will even watch relationships unfold between these characters, like the man whom runs the stamp collection and the woman whom runs the animal lodge. There is a rivalry between the ladies whom run the butterfly sanctuary and the aviary.

This is a game that requires strategy, a good eye, and timing. Each of the stores has mini-games you can play to earn coins and XP, and with every new level, you get more energy points to travel with. It is in your travels that you find items to build a collection with to earn coins and components to play the mini-games. You can also earn antique items in the mini-games. There are four levels of rarity, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, and several collections of items in each one. From cookie jars to weapons to sports memorabilia, there isn’t much you won’t find. If you can’t find it, you an also buy through the online auction house, and become friends with other players.

My only problem with this game is the background music, but once I turned it off, and tuned into and listened to my own retro tunes, the game became far more fun. I have encouraged other players to do this, too. I’ve been playing this game for three weeks now, and it is far from over. I don’t want to be, either. Boom Zap, you done good!