Antique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard’s Mansion

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Normally I like those hidden object games where we hunt for items to sell like Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean and Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover, but I was really not into this game. There were too many logic puzzles to unlock to find the secret rooms, and the auctions really distracted from the mystery itself. It was also difficult for me to keep up with the story of why oil tycoon Mr. Howard was trying to appease some evil spirits or whatever possessed him to keep building all these secret rooms in his estate. As a supposed expert in antiques, we are merely supposed to be looking for missing antiques to sell at an auction, but somehow become ghosthunters, or something similar. We do get to take breaks from the scariness to do our job, and that’s where that is where the bad graphics really come in. I had enough trouble just getting through the trial.

The graphics seems blocky and the animations were somewhat plastic, as were some of the hidden object puzzles. There are many great find and sell type games out there, but adding this supernatural mystery on top of the search just made the game sort of go into an overload of too much information, yet not enough at the same time. I really found nothing to make we want to continue on withAntique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard’s Mansion. One must really have to be a hidden object mystery fan to enjoy this game. I guess I’m not as much of one as I thought I was.