Angry Birds: Star Wars

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This Angry Birds game is going to meet Star Wars. This one is called Angry Birds: Star Wars. Angry Birds: Star Wars is like Angry Birds mixed with Star Wars. This game is so funny. The birds are on the good side and the pigs are on the dark side. The red bird is Luke Skywalker, the Pink is Princess Leia, the blue bird is one of the rebel pilots, the yellow bird is Han Solo, the black bird as know as bomber birds is Obi-Wan, the big bird is Chewbacca, the chicken is C-3P0, and R2-D2 is the egg.

Some of the pigs are Stormtroopers, and the Stormtrooper ships. I play this game when I’m upset or I want to play something else. The game is fun, but it will get hard later on. There on level 1 had to restart every thing because it was very hard to bet that level. There are lot of levels in this game. Tatooine has 40 levels, the Death Star has 40 levels as well, and Hoth has 40 levels as well. This one is based off the Star Wars: Trilogy. I watched the trailer to Angry Birds: Star Wars and it was so funny. Well, I tried out the demo and I like it. Now, I got it and I’m still playing it. I’m not done with the game, but I’m trying still. If you’re Angry Birds fan or Star Wars fan you will like this Angry Birds game. This is good game, so play Angry Birds: Star Wars.