Angel’s Buffet and Catering – Chipley, FL

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lsI had been in this establishment before, when it was the New Star Chinese Buffet. The new management took this place into a completely opposite direction, and Angel’s Buffet is now a purely Southern and Soul Food restaurant. Advertised as having the “Best Chicken Around”, the chicken did not disappoint! The skin was light, crispy, and not at all greasy. Sadly, on the day I came there, the other offerings were not quite as good.

There was a baked chicken with barbeque sauce that was a bit overcooked and hard to manage. There were only about five or six vegetable choices for a weekday lunch. Butter beans, yellow rice, collards, corn and snap beans. There were egg rolls that were very good plain, even though I do prefer them with duck sauce and Chinese mustard. There were baked sweet potatoes, rolls, and fried cornbread, which was pretty light and crispy, like the fried chicken. These guys and gals got making deep fried food down to an art. There was also an assortment of thin slices over various cakes for sweet options, but I did not partake of those. The sweet tea was light tasting, and not too sweet. On some things, they hit the mark, and on others, some improvement was needed. Another thing that was a let down was the fact that there was a wonderful chicken gravy, but no mashed or new potatoes to put them on. I tried it on the yellow rice, but it was just not quite the same.

Angel’s Buffet has a rather crowded atmosphere, even when there are few people around. Some of the many tables could be removed for better traffic flow, and more space was needed to move in the buffet area. This location had originally been home to a hotel coffee shop, and has seen many changes over the twenty-some years I have lived in this town, but locals love this place, so it won’t be going anywhere soon.

The drink was included in the buffet price, which was a nice plus. There was a advertisement for a far bigger offering on Sundays, and perhaps at dinner, too, but my lunch experience was not worth the stop. I may have just caught them on an off day. I may try them again some day, or maybe just get some of their fried chicken to go, because that it truly worth the stop!