Ancient Rome 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I got this retro kind of feeling for Ancient Rome 2. It reminded me of the old Sierra City Builders, like Caesar, Pharoah, and Emperor, and would spend hours on these, especially the Pharoah/Cleopatra set, but Ancient Rome 2 seemed more like a streamlined version of Caesar III. While some of the aspects are similar, the combining of the fire and police departments into one unit is rather nice, and not having to appease the gods with festivals is great, too.
I only played the trial, so if that came up later, then I missed it.

Interestingly, Clisair was playing the old Sid Meier’s Pirates behind me at the time, and when he saw what I was up to, he asked, “We are getting this game, right?” Apparently, he was sold because I think he does not want to deal with the “Plebs are needed!” cry from the Caesar games, but would like to try out this simplified version. The artwork was great, but I did not care for the fact that I could not delete the trees. Still, my little peep citizens were pretty happy, and did not complain about having to pay taxes. Now if we could only get the Congress House Reps to play games such as Ancient Rome 2, they might learn something about running a republic.

You get an assignment, and new upgrades to your town on each level, in that you build you nation, from Sicily to the French Riviera in the west and to the shores of Macedonia in the east. Build homes, wells, schools, forums, prefectures, markets, trading houses, harbors and more. Keep your peeps happy, healthy, clean, well-fed, and employed with great jobs, and your Rome might be the one that doesn’t fall.