Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This fast paced time management game has you running Amelie’s Cafe just before Christmas. You have to keep the customers happy, the elfin gnomes feed and the cooking area clean and get it all done before time runs out. This would be a fun addition to anyone’s collection of run your own restaurant games that are out there today. This one is not as cartoonie as the others but instead has sexy, yes sexy anime type characters that are fun to look at and watch as they go in and out of the cafe. You only have so much time and you have to keep track of EVERYTHING at once so make sure that you are up to the task before playing this game.

At first when the game was starting I thought that it was going to be short as you start in December and are trying to get the cafe up and running before the holidays and your well deserved rest. Nothing could be further then the truth as that is just the beginning of your adventure and the second leg of the journey takes place in a dream for Santa. So you see there is going to be plenty to due before Christmas Eve rolls around as you are running your cafe. There is even a Santa mode that will challenge you even further by making the game even harder right from the start. If you are not up to the task you better start out in normal mode first as you will get your but frozen out from the angry customers. They are not patient and will just getup and leave if you don’t take care of them fast enough which will cost you both time and funds.

As to your staff, it changes from time to time but you can always count on having at the very least a salad station, a mashed potatoes stand and a turkey carving table. These are the ones that you start with and more are added as you go through the game. You even get candy canes, muffins and gingerbread men as you get into the higher and definitely more difficult levels and they do get more difficult. You might think that a game like this would be easy but you actually have to match up the different items for each customer and if your hands get too full you will just have to dump it all in the trash and start over. To make matters even more worse or interesting, depending on your point of view, you have to tell each prep person to make each item every single time. Not only that but you have to clean each station yourself as well, at least you don’t have to clean the dishes from the table, that would have been too much.

This is one game in a line of Amelie games that is going to challenge you and keep you busy. The graphics are done very well and this series could very well up the bar for Dinner Dash and its many incarnations. Amelie’s Cafe games are fun to play, fun to watch and have a great story line to go with them. This is one game that will bring out the kid in all of us with its charm.